Tips for writing better at work

The objective manner has become a new concern for the professional who wants to stand out in the market. Emails have become one of the main tools of communication at work. Besides them, business texts such as reports, minutes, contracts have not ceased to exist. All these means are aimed at the transmission of messages and make use of the language to be effective. In addition to clarity and objectivity, communication depends on coherence and cohesion.

It refers to the harmony following the ideas presented in the text; the second, the connection between parts through words or phrases that set the transition of ideas, such as pronouns, adverbs and conjunctions. The correct use of language is also essential. Spelling, punctuation and grammatical agreement must follow the rules of Standard English. Errors such as the separation of subject and verb with a comma demonstrate ignorance of the language itself. Below, check three tips to make better use of language in the workplace:

  1. Review your text and put yourself in the place of those who will read it:Revise the text is tosee if the message is clear and will be fully understood by his interlocutor. Take a test. Write an important email, but let send it only the next day. Rereading, you may find that the text is confusing or missing some required information. This is because, when we write, the ideas are very clear in our mind. When we reverse the role of sender to receiver, often we realize that the message is confusing or incomplete. So it is important, rather than reread the text, change the look to put in place the reader.
  2. Do not let the doubts go: It is common for people to report that, when faced with a question, change the phrase to avoid certain construction. At that moment, a great learning opportunity was missed. When questioned writing a word, the use of a particular expression, or the construction of a sentence, this is the best time to consult materials we have on hand, take our doubts and make sure that we are writing correctly.
  3. Do not be afraid to make mistakes: Take risks to find new ways to write your text, play with the words and make new buildings. By writing in a creative and innovative way, you create a unique style of writing and make a difference in the corporate world.

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