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    Types Of Case Studies

    • Illustrative Case Study.
    • Exploratory Case Study.
    • Cumulative Case Study.
    • Critical Instance Case Study.

    Illustrative Case Study.

    An illustrative case study is used to examine a familiar case in order to help others to understand it. It is one of the main types of case studies in research methodology and is primarily descriptive.

    In this type of case study, usually, one or two instances are utilized to explain what a situation is like.

    Exploratory Case Study

    An exploratory case study is a primary project conducted before a large-scale investigation. These types of case studies are very popular in the social sciences and primarily focus on real-life contexts and situations.

    Usually, these are used to identify research questions and methods for a large and complex study. The main purpose of an exploratory case study is to help identify situations for the further research process.

    Cumulative Case Study

    A cumulative case study is one of the main types of case studies in qualitative research. It is used to collect information from different sources at different times.

    The aim of this case study is to summarize the past studies without spending additional cost and time on new investigations.

    Critical Instance Case Study

    Critical instances case studies are used to determine the cause and consequence of an event.

    The main reason for this type of case study is to investigate one or more sources with unique interest and sometimes with no interest in general.

    A critical case study can also be used to question a universal assertion.

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    Our Step by step process

    Our Experts

    Raj Sharma

    Raj Sharma is a graduate of Cornell University. He has a Doctorate in Programming. He has been writing since the young age of 19. Raj is a promising member of our team and has done over 700 case studies for our customers. He is one of our most skilled writers.

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    Taylor Adams

    Ashley is a Canadian writer. She completed her doctorate in 2014 from The University of British Columbia (Vancouver). Her specialties lie in Software Engineering. She has written over 1200 papers for our clients and has an average rating of 4.9/5

    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

    A case study is an in-depth study of one person, group, or event. In a case study, nearly every aspect of the subject’s life and history is analyzed to seek patterns and causes of behavior.

    A good case must have these points included

    1. Read and Examine the Case completely. It is better to take notes, highlight relevant facts, underline key problems to make the case study a good read


    1. Focus Your Identify two to five key problems and discuss them in detail.
    2. Uncover possible solutions and the changes that are needed regarding the case.

    Select the best possible solution.

    The general purpose of a case study is to:

    Describe a situation or case. For example a person or a company and the discussion on it in detail.

    Secondly, identify the important issues of the case that you are chasing according to the instructions given to you.

    Lastly, analyze the case using theories or concepts according to your topic or chapter.

    You can be given any case study according to your topic for example the research you do of a topic and tell the potential solutions or how would you improve the issue with fact and figure will be known as a case study.

    Lastname, Firstname. “Title of Case.” Title of Periodical, volume, number, Day Month Year, Page(s). Case Study. Database Name or Title of Non-Publisher Website, DOI, or URL.

    These are the processes of referencing a case study.

    There are 4 types of case studies

    • Illustrative Case Study.
    • Exploratory Case Study.
    • Cumulative Case Study. Critical Instance Case Study.
    1. We have to define the issue or problem at hand
    2. We have to look for alternatives we have to the problem.
    3. You have to write according to the criteria given to you.
    4. Take a complete analysis of the case at hand.
    5. Take the final decision you seek regarding the case study
    6. Finalize a plan on how you are planning to implement the case.

    Ans) The five steps to writing an argumentative essay

    • Research.
    • Draft.
    • Revise.
    • Edit.
    • Publish.
    • See also.


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