Nursing Mentorship Emotional Impact

How mentorship have emotional impact on retention rates of new nurses?

Mentors play an important role in assessing and supporting nurses as they can find the role challenging in an easy way. The trust develops when there is a support from mentors at the point of care. You probably remember the day when you learned about nursing, you must be excited and capable to apply all the skills and knowledge learned in nursing school into a clinical setting. As a new graduate nurse, you desired for steady leadership on the employment.

Even some of the things you saw can be as simple as a friendly face. It would have made a positive difference in your position. These feelings are important in a nurse work-a-day world. Recent studies demonstrate that there are uncertainty feelings that nurses tend to experience in their role. Nurses try to handle negative behavior as well as inner conflicts which are often present. The new nurse is seen as someone who is trying to develop their territory.

He/she could be desirous to confront his or her beliefs and values with the intention to “fit in” with high-ranking nurses. Mostly new graduate nurses do not stay long in this conflicting environment. Imaginably, you are newly graduated nurse or maybe you are an experienced nurse supposing a new position. You may be looking for a little guidance as you want to investigate new nursing roles. There may be a need to learn the ropes of new position. Many healthcare organizations are now trying to find out why new graduate nurses are not likely to stay long in their new position.

As an outcome, administrator and healthcare leaders are now looking for creative new methods to retain and recruit new nurses which include the usage of mentoring.

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