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    Malaysia is not necessarily on e of the huge nations around the globe but it certainly has mere attraction and aura about it that no other country has. From the sector of tourism to the sector of education Malaysia is among the elites of the world in these departments.

    Malaysia has a history of heritage and culture which attracts tourists from all over the world. Moreover the capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is also a business hub for Malaysia where almost all the business going through or from Malaysia is conducted and that too in most subtle ways. Their so strong economically that according to a report conducted in 2015 out of the 31 million population only 0.6 percent of people are below the national poverty line. It is an achievement to say the least. The conclusion of the Same research was that 66 percent of population above 16 were employed. So this proof out to be a big plus for the government of Malaysia. Although this wasn’t always the case in Malaysia. In the early 2000s Malaysia faced the crisis of Urban poverty it was damaging for the government as the country modernized this became a significant issue. But these problems were faded away with time as the government stepped in. With time the poverty percentage in Malaysia started decreasing and they received praises from all over the world. Even 2019 it was reported that the poverty level was dropped to 0.4 percent as compare to 49 percent in 1970.

    Malaysia has an industrial marketing Economy so their goal is to expand their reach throughout the globe. According to the world bank Malaysia is an upper-middle income country. Which has annual GDP growth of 4.3 percent. The Malaysian economy is heavily influenced by the manufacturing sector as electronics has become the leading economic center in Malaysia. Following the electronics sector, the agricultural sector isn’t too far either as Malaysia accels in the agricultural department too with it exporting a chunk of livestock , fisheries and forestry.

    The production and export of primary industries, such as crude oil, palm oil, tin, and rubber, have contributed significantly to the socio-economic development of the country. Malaysia is the leader in producing the most rubber world wide and is one of the biggest producers of cocoa, palm oil, tropical hardwoods, pepper and tin. These are some of the most famous production done in Malaysia. Following this also comes the forestry sector also makes a significant contribution to the economic sector. This sector also makes a significant contribution to the conservation of genetic resources, to the climatic and environmental conditions of parks and recreational facilities, whilst providing for the needs of forest dwellers. Economy is a keen part for Malaysia but the thing they are famous for worldwide are the fact that the diversity in Malaysia is an example for everyone.


    Malaysia is a multi religious and multi ethnic country which holds prestige in their somewhat diverse religions and cultures. They are known for this rare feature that this country has. All types of cultures and religions are found all over Malaysia. Although the dominant religion in Malaysia is Islam but despite any religious involvements. Malaysian people live together and keep their country first. This is the primary reason as to why Malaysia is famous through their

    ethnic beauty. This sets an example for people all over the world. When people visit Malaysia they experience a journey they haven’t experienced anywhere else. With people learning multiple social cultures at one place and with time accepting the culture and becoming a part of it. But it is an example for everyone none the less. Although geographically it is smaller country compare to others but Malaysia sure is a center of attraction. This attention is gathered by tourism. People from all over the globe visit Malaysia to see their cultures and laws. We will describe all the important reforms and rules and regulations of the country followed by the tax laws and many other significant sectors that Malaysia is slowly and gradually laying it’s growth over. Malaysia is famous for it’s tourism sector as people come to experience the lovely lifestyle of the Malay people. More over Malaysia is famous for the street food it that it has around almost every street. Malaysia is one of the few countries in the world where people visit just for the food. Malaysia is overall a tropical country so they have multiple operational rainforests and beaches throughout the nation. It is a popular holiday destination for many people. People from northern countries come to Malaysia to experience the warm and rainy weather of Malaysia which is a delight for them and if they aren’t attracted much to the forest and beaches they could always visit the monuments and colonial buildings in Kuala Lumpur followed by the iconic Petronas Skyscraper which is 415 meters long.

    Malaysia has been an attractive site for everyone and students are no exceptions with Malaysia having some state of the art Universities. Students from around the world make an effort every year to be involved in those universities. Universities like Monash and University of Malaya provide international students with wonderful and eccentric offers that students drool to get in. In Fact the higher system of studies in Malaysia is ranked as 25th which is a really big achievement for them. These universities have set an example of providing quality education st fairly cheap prices. This is a keen reason why students worldwide choose the option for Malaysia.

    Malaysia is gifted by nature as the scenic beauty in Malaysia is nothing less than exceptional. With the economy on the rise and tourism coming to its peak Malaysia is becoming the country to watch out in the next decade. So to get a deep insight of the land of the blue dragon give our essays a read it would be worth your while and will be filled with knowledge and will your time worth a while.

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