Intelligence Brings Advantages to the Companies

Today we can find many options to improve management within companies, much better if the bet is for the excellent management of information and facilitate decision-making. The first thought that may come to mind when we talk about Business Intelligence is knowledge creation and aid in decision making. Business Intelligence (BI) also offers many varied advantages to businesses. Here are some of the great benefits of BI:

Help to increase efficiency:

 Make it different from many companies, which waste much of the time in searching for information from department to department trying to understand your business, if you have luck to find data, must convert, mix and make their own reports. BI with all data can be brought together and showed on one stage and change over it into valuable and sorted out data, sparing time and settling on more effective basic leadership.

Get speedier to the inquiries emerging from business replies:

A director must settle on the right choices frequently under time weight, this valuable asset can’t be squandered perusing a lot of paper, reports from every territory. With the choices offered by business insight, you can get fast replies of central issues in minutes.

Increased perceivability better comprehension of the business:

the business insight frameworks are not just ready to give diagnostic and solid data rapidly. Also they can do with alluring visual organizations for simple comprehension and perception.

Improved responsiveness:

is likewise astounding: We cannot just give essential data in a significantly more visual and instinctive way that permits us to find blunders much prior. We can likewise characterize our own arrangement of cautions to special cases.

Reduced costs, expanded effectiveness:

 The organization faculty from all divisions need solid and applicable data to carry out their employments. Most companies are unaware of the amount of work and resources needed to generate all that information and distribute it among the people in need. Nor many are really aware of the significant cost of not doing so, as this translates into a lack of coordination, poor decisions and poor utilization of available resources in the company. No more expensive than that is not available at the time required information.

Decrease in the dropout rate of customers 

through continuous loyalty consisting surprise every customer with what most needs at all times.

Increased volume of customers,

detecting what their habits and behavior. Through business intelligence learn from customers who know their preferences, their customs, their evolution and being able to design customized strategies and generating value added for each client.

The flexibility to present information not only allows us to assimilate much faster and better detect crucial points that can be useful. The systems business intelligence provide multiple viewpoints, allowing us to improve our perspective and our ability to understand the business.


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