How to make a Good Style Essay

If you want to know how to make a good essay, the first step is to forget the myths that only some people take way to write and are able to get good grades in college entrance exams, competitions, etc. You may be surprised, but to get top marks in an essay just follow the criteria of the evaluation team. There are many important details that, when followed, make your writing get a great note, even if the text is not revolutionary or worthy of a Nobel prize.

These details and prove how anyone can go very well on the test writing, even that has not had much practice in writing. It is worth noting that the argumentative text is usually the most charged in the tests of the vestibular and contests, so we will give special attention to it.

The structure of good writing

The first thing we should worry about a text is his structure. But what comes to this structure? It is the organization of what we write. A good essay is divided into introduction, development and conclusion. So let’s see how structure of a good writing is: Introduction It is a paragraph 2 the phrase 3 only. We put it only the basics, we say what we’ll talk in the newsroom.

Development It may contain 2 or 4 paragraphs. This is where we will argue, discuss the topic of writing. Conclusion It is a paragraph with 2, 3 or 4 sentences. It is a text of closing. Well, now we know how the structure of a good writing is;you should try to build it.

How have ideas and build arguments to text

Before starting a text, it is very helpful to write on a sheet some information about the theme. For example, say that the theme of the essay is “Chocolate in the modern world.” The first thing you should do is write down some facts and arguments you know about chocolate. For example:

  • Excess chocolate is bad
  • There are several types of chocolate
  • The buying and selling of chocolate moves a lot of money
  • Many people enjoy chocolate

Note that the above statements are not very big or very elaborate. This has a reason: the idea here is that you put on paper the information exactly the way she came to her . At this point, we are not concerned with the structure of the text, nor with the perfection of the sentences,

because if you get “stuck”, unable to express on paper, you run the risk of losing a good argument, in addition to losing a lot of time (perhaps other ideas related to the subject being lost as you try to make a rich and elaborate thought).So the purpose here is simple: put on paper what came to mind, because we are just building our pillars.


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