Effective Anti-essays writing strategy

Before discussing anti essays, Let’s discuss the start of your school life you may have experienced writing an essay, and that too in various forms and in various types. Essays are a combination of critical thinking and analysis of the context that is required for the essay. These essays require a significant amount of effort in the brainstorming process and these essays mostly lay emphasis on the positive side of the story.

Unlike essays, anti essays are not very popular in the grass root levels. Anti-essays is something that is never emphasized a lot in school so that creates a curious space in the mind of students when they hear the word “anti essay”. With the word anti-included it basically gives off the vibe that this provides a negative meaning to the context But arguing to a point isn’t always the easiest thing. Similar words could be chosen for this as they mostly involve arguments.

Anti Essays basically bring a theme with discussions that have arguments against the topic or a certain ideology which are backed by facts and figures. So background research is vital, to say the least.

Things to consider before writing Anti Essays

As we have read about the anti essays there are certain requirements to do before starting the process of writing. These steps are considered the most essential part of the journey. As we discussed earlier, the base depends on the arguments you present so it’s important to you to know your topic thoroughly.

So the first and utmost step is sensibly choosing the topic that you want to tackle. Choosing a topic is very important as all your writing would be pre-planned depending upon the topic. You would have to run a background check to determine the content that you write is writable and will your anti essay be a healthy and good read.

Your goal will be to impress the reader with the knowledge you have of the topic in the manner you arrange it. Your topic will be based on your arguments so with that we move to the second step which is to run a background check on the topic and tally the facts and figures to back your argument. Like almost all the essays, backing your arguments with evidence is very important so you need to run a thorough background check about what you are saying so that the strength of your writings appeals to the reader.

You have to take a stance on why you are writing this topic and you have to support your arguments with a reason as to why your point is valid and why your stance on the topic is justified. Moreover, you have to conductor at least show studies that analyze your argument to a certain depth that helps the reader understand your way of thinking with the studies to show the reader what part to support and what part to not. These studies highlight the argument that you base your anti essay on.


In the Anti Essay task students are challenged to some extent that they have to BREAK rules and the typical patterns of the standard academic essays to explore multiple different ways to write their arguments. By this, I mean all conventions (titles, margins, headings, organization, sentencing, paragraphing, everything). That said, it’s important to emphasize that this is not a free-for-all where anything goes.

Good anti-essays make arguments but in different ways. Even though anti essays have their differences from regular essays their patterns are somewhat similar.

The first step before writing anti essays is to introduce your topic sentence and a bit of its background with a little personal touch. You have to introduce why you chose the topic of your choice.

Similarly, you have to give an interesting introduction to the topic so that the reader studying the anti-essays is attracted towards the reading with more attention. Secondly, the start of the body comes with starting a base of your opinion of what you want to tell the reader about. This is a crucial part of your essay. This paragraph or bunch of paragraphs allows you to win over the reader.

You can compare the pros and cons in this part of the essay. Basically, this is the part where you have to win the reader with facts, figures, and references. In addition to this after you have laid your points, you can write a couple of points as to why your argument may not be perfect for everyone highlighting with reasons. While finishing your masterpiece you have to conclude fittingly with a statement that impacts the essay and a bit of summary of your opinion and of the topic.

Example Essays

Anti essays are rising with time as they are a form of voice for the people. people can speak their points fittingly and in the manner they like. Topics such as Anti Protection and Anti-Corruption are the talk of the market and many students have opted to run a background check on these topics to give them arguments strength.

Similarly, with the ongoing war around the world anti-Semitism is also a topic of talk among groups. But topics shouldn’t always be this harsh or strong but there are more basic topics that have loads of material too. Topics such as anti-social and anti-violence have points that a person can use in a day to day life.

Moreover, points can be highlighted which connect to history for example the approach of Gandhi to gain independence through his anti-violence movement. Anti essays could also take place in response to questionnaires.

The goal of these essays is to provide a point for the reader or to maybe change their perspective or the ideology that people possess. Most people say that anti essays are used to highlight the negative aspects of the topics but with the help of these essays, we could also highlight the negatives of the society which benefits significantly towards your approach.


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